Always enable the link

Is there no other way to activate the link always-on than to pay?
I think it was always possible to activate it in the past, but has it changed?

Or, I would appreciate it if you could let me know a site like replit where I can host the site for free. :sob:

Hello, I know that Replit has disabled the websites which I also used to deploy my websites but you can consider using platforms like Heroku, Vercel, or Netlify to host websites for free. These platforms offer free hosting services with certain limitations, but they can be great options for hosting static sites, APIs, or web applications. I think I got a notification where it said that websites will come back and they are stopped because of some financial issues but till now it didn’t, maybe it will come after some days again!



Thank you!
But we’re in a hurry to find sites that can always create active web pages right now.
I will try the platform you told me about.

I hope comes back soon early…:joy::joy::joy:

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AFAIK, Replit hasn’t made any announcements about returning.

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Ok but in one post they were discussing where a Replit member only said that.

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Could you link to where that was said?

I don’t really remember and I think the user of the post deleted it because he was shifting to a new account.