Alternative ways to get Replit cycles

When the ask board on replit came down, it became really hard to obtain cycles, through only getting high rates on a repl, or buying them, what are some other ways to get cycles? Maybe Replit ask could add cycles to your main account? I also had an idea for a mentor program. As this community grows, more and more people will be asking questions, I thought maybe there could be a mentor program for mods. The trainees could earn cycles, as well as at some point become a mod, and maybe even a mentor.


Hi @SILVERSTOCK cycles via Ask is something the team are considering at the moment so watch this space. In addition we recently closed applications for Replit Reps for Edu and Replit Reps which will hopefully allow for more moderators on Repl Ask!

Ok, that sounds good, when are the applications going to reopen?

Check back in December to apply for the Spring 2023 cohort!

This December.

Ok, I will be there (At least online)

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