ALT and \ brings up "new thread" - cant type backslash in code


I just started to work with on a Samsung S8 Ultra android tablet, with a german keyboard layout, and I am having the following problem:

As soon as I try to type a backslash in my python code, the “start a new thread” popup opens instead. But when I hit ALT GR again, it fills the thread popup with a backslash. Weird. So I can’t type a backslash in my code window directly, without copy-pasting it.

It seems that / SHIFT ALT and \ ALT GR on a german keyboard layout both trigger the “new thread” command. Anybody here with a similar problem?

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Here is a screenshot after hitting \ ALT GR several times:

The first hit opens the popup, after that the backslashes are filled in the “new thread”-popup.
But with this behaviour, I cant write \n or \t in python!

Can anyone confirm that both shortcuts, ALT / and ALT \ bring up the “new thread”-popup?