Allows people to recover code when you delete it

I accidently deleted almost 200 lines of code of my maths calculator but now i can’t get all my code back

Hi @DaanishAhmed1! Welcome to the community.

Replit has a feature allowing you to roll back files to previous states. It’s a bit tedious, as a savestate is every single character entered/deleted from the file.

See Images

Click history

Find the save state you want to roll back to. This could take a while depending on how many edits took place after the delete.

Just press “Restore to here” and your good! Rolling back is not destructive like it says. Rolling back only adds another version to the end of your history, like you copied and pasted it in.

If you deleted the whole file, you could just make a new one with the same name as the deleted one and it should bring back its contents.

I hope this can help you restore your code.

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This has helps and now i have got all of my code back

Thank you

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