Allowing invited users to have access to deployment controls

Describe your feature request: Allowing users invited to someone’s repl to have access to deployment controls for that repl.

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request: A friend has invited me to a repl and offered to host it using deployments, however only they can access the deployment controls and I can’t.


I think it may be possible by moving the repl to team where you are the owner. That can be done through your freind’s CLUI


But I guess it will be a lot easier just having the deployments tab available to you (as the invited user) and controlling it from there, especially if moving it to a team is not possible due to free-tier limits.

Not true, teams for friends is free

You are right, thanks for the correction :+1:

True, however you can’t make teams for friends right now.


I wanted something like this even before deployments. It would be nice to have multiple “trust levels” of sorts for repls (just like multiple methods of sharing in Google Docs) so that you can invite certain people to be able to edit the repl description and deployments and whatnot but other people can only edit the code. Read-only invites would also be really nice (for sharing private repls). I know the latter could be incorporated via a simple GUI addition.


Wait, why can’t you do that?

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When they removed teams for edu, they disabled new teams for friends as well.