Allow us to disable Tool pane buttons in .replit

Describe your feature request

We can disable a few features like the debugger with “support = false”. But we can’t disable most other buttons… make it much harder to use the cluttered tool pane. I often need a mix of the following:

[packager] # I want to make opinionated templates... interferes w NPM v9, PNPM/Turbo/Deno/Bun, etc
support = false

[chat] # I use Discord, Slack, Signal, etc...
support = false

[threads] # We have our own ticketing system
support = false

[prosgresql] # I use another database
support = false

[markdown] # Lacks SVG support, and too many features to be useful in my projects
support = false

[deployments] # Some projects will never need deployment
support = false

[docs] # I prefer
support = false

What problem(s) would this feature solve?

  1. Cluttered, hard to navigate Tool pane.
  2. Intimidating UI to some new devs
  3. Slow onboarding speed to Replit’s IDE coming from VS Code

These uBlock Origin rules helped… should be compatible with AdBlock Plus as well

! 2023-06-15 > span:has-text(PostgreSQL)) > span:has-text(Docs)) > span:has-text(Chat)) > span:has-text(Markdown)) > span:has-text(Packages))

Screenshot 2023-06-14 22.12.58

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This is a great idea! Maybe a global setting per account as well as a per-Repl setting in the .replit file would be nice.


Thousands of schools use Replit Education for teaching programming. It’s great, especially when so many schools are now Chromebook based, but the default interface REALLY needs paring down. The teacher should be able to specify a default set of Tools in the config for a task.

TBH at least half of them are very ‘niche’ and should have to be turned ON in preferences, rather than ALL appearing by default. I’d be happy with about 6.

I tried the ublock origin rules - they seemed to work for a while but now they don’t. I inspected the code and can’t see any changes (still has a span inside a button containing ‘PostgreDB’ etc.

Here’s my list:

! 2023-09-07 > span:has-text(PostgreSQL)) > span:has-text(Docs)) > span:has-text(Markdown)) > span:has-text(Packages)) > span:has-text(Ghostwriter)) > span:has-text(Secrets)) > span:has-text(Database)) > span:has-text(Extensions)) > span:has-text(Threads)) > span:has-text(Authentication)) > span:has-text(Code Search)) > span:has-text(Git))