Allow unlimited repls

The only reason I’m still on replit rn is because I’m kinda an ‘old’ user (so no repl limit) and the fact that I can’t afford a computer.
I mostly codes here on my school ipad cuz I can’t install anything on it, this is kinda the only thing I’m still on the track of programming.
If we continue losing features here before I earn enough money for a computer, I might just go for other online ide service that I can store and run programs, or if I cant find them I might just quit fr


i think the limit doesn’t apply to anyone who has more than three repls, not just older users


Exactly. Ever since Replit got pricey and all, I’ve been using GitHub way more. It has so many free student benefits that likely aren’t going away anytime soon. Even without them, you still have unlimited free repositories and github pages.


So I am a teacher. For years I have been using replit as a free system by which students can see their code in class and at home. Recently students signing up with school email accounts have sometimes been given the ability to create only 3 programs. This is applied totally inconsistently with some students not subject to the limit at all. Equity in teaching is essential and far from saying those that have good accounts will use replit while others will need a different system or at least to store most of the programs they make separately. I won’t do that. I worked around when they added the AI to the core offering without mentioning it as my students know letting it code the answers for them won’t help them learn so they need to turn it off but i won’t allow the use of a tool that doesn’t provide equal access to all my students. I am pretty sure I legally can’t even if I were willing to. Is this problem going to persist? I read a now closed post that seemed to have a reply from replit saying that they periodically try things like this to try boost revenue and create a sustainable business model and this student should simply pay for the upgrade. It is two weeks from the end of the school year here in the UK but I need to know to what degree I need a new system for the new school year in September.

Replit people is this going to keep happening because I will need to take all students from my school out and use another method?

Any other teachers out there in the same boat - do you know if Trinket is a solution? Do you know any other places I could go? I’ll be looking for places you can code online and see that code in school and at home to replace this one.


The 3 repl limit is a new “feature” that may become permanent. Unfortunately, your best bet is to look elsewhere. Replit is trying to focus on supporting businesses instead of individual programmers or schools now.


I am exactly in the same position as you and hence the same dilemma/disappointment.

My students are genuine, enthusiastic learners. I get them to build stuff and see each others’ codes. Clearly replit had a solid offering for this use case.

But now, with some students suddenly seeing this three repl limit, the whole system seems to crumble.

Three is just way too limited I feel. And impractical.

I am perfectly fine losing access to the AI assists, or even have a limited memory and compute power, but limiting the total number of free repls is way too restrictive and impractical.

I understand there are costs involved in everything, but what I fail to understand is how is the number of repls such an important cost that they are being limited.

Sincerely request replit team to kindly reconsider this decision. Or Perhaps you could bring back some kind of paid school/teacher accounts which allows us to create some number of free accounts with no repl limits for the students.



Who thought that 3.33 GB repls were a good idea?

Well, you could run multiple programs per repl, but replit might take away the shell entirely :frowning:


I doubt that replit would do that, since that would actively discourage people from using replit even more than currently.


…don’t tempt fate /hj