"allow self-grouping" - feature proposal: students being able to lock project themselves for new members joining

As title says (re Teams for Education)

Finding myself in situations with student groups of variable sizes (that are created/managed outside Replit in a LMS), in combination with the practical need of letting the students assign into their Replit-project groups themselves (for less management by teacher).

But problem is if you have “allow self-grouping” turned on with “max group size” of e.g 4 to accommodate the largest group, but then comes a group of 2 & 3 forming a project group. Leaving 1-2 slots to any students to join that shouldn’t any time later, and might get tempted to join in there to peak into the other students work (if there is a larger graded assignment they’re working on)

Would be great with a function that the students themselves when all memebers have joined, can with a button just lock the group against other new students to join

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Sounds like a really good idea @kaza !

Could you please share feedback via the Share Feedback link in the ? menu within any Repl?


yes sure will do that!!

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