Allow Microsoft as a SSO provider

Describe your feature request
Add Azure as an identity provider

What problem(s) would this feature solve?
Our students wouldn’t need to set up accounts/different passwords (they already have Microsoft accounts)

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request
Get students aged 9 to sign in easily.



Hi @h2vnfwnvk6 thanks for your feature request and welcome to the community.

Can you confirm that this request is for and not ?


Hi @IanAtCSTeach is there any progress on this? Many education users use Microsoft so having the ability to log into replit using a Microsoft account would be great. It would also be great to publish an assignment to Microsoft Teams in a similar way to how you have the ability to push to google classroom. thanks.

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Hey, @CCR010 welcome to the forums!

There has not been progress on this since an engineer never said that this is being worked on/going to be added.


@not-ethan how do we see if it is on the roadmap or being worked on?

There is no public road map unfortunately :frowning:

its just if an engineer replies.


Please feel free to vote on this suggestion @CCR010

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@IanAtCSTeach How do I do that?

Hi @CCR010 you just click on the vote button at the top of this thread. Hope this helps!

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This is a desperately needed feature for Replit in the education space, we cannot easily manage student accounts in Replit and cannot properly integrate students into teams for hands on exercises. Integration with Active Directory would be a game changer for deployment of Replit at scale. I suspect it is also an essential feature for wider enterprise adoption as well. Replit seems to be something corporations are using on an ad hoc basis for side projects and leetcode style interview questions, but not something most of them can securely deploy at scale to thousands of staff. It’s a shame this is not able to be added to Replit’s development plans, but they seem to have made a decision years ago to forego the Microsoft enterprise accounts.

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We really need this. GitHub is already there so MSFT should be a no brainier to add. This would be so useful in education. PLEASE!!! :pray: