Allow inactive usernames to be claimed

I was making an alternate Replit account in case I misplaced my information, and I wanted a catchy name. And because the name I wanted had been inactive for a long time, I devised the idea of replit releasing inactive usernames after 1+ years of inactivity. So that people can get the usernames they desire :slight_smile:

Twitch does this; they have released / are about to release over 30 million inactive usernames!


The only way to do this is to contact support. I have seen @ReplitIronclad help @dumb use the inactive username @jade


Thats why this is in #feature-requests

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Inactivity can be tracked in a variety of ways, including how many repls the user has, the signup date, the last time the user logged in, the last comment, the last like, and so on.

Not only that, but my desired username hasn’t been active in 7 years.

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Gotcha, didn’t fully understand the request.

A good idea, but it’s possible that somebody might just have a year where they’re not using Replit for whatever reason. I think that if this does happen, the user of the original account needs to be prompted first and if they don’t respond it can be given away. Additionally, if that user comes back, I believe they should be allowed to have their original username back.


@DillonB07 , already answered that exact statement you said.

i acctually like this feature

I think like over 5-4 years of not logged it’s safe to assume they won’t be coming back, but sending them sth like an email which they have a few weeks to respond to is a good idea.

Also, if there is an unsuccessful attempt to log into a username (after being taken over), a message should pop up saying that the username has been taken over.

One question, though. What will happen to the old accounts after their username is claimed?

Replit should probably purge accounts that have been inactive for more than 5 years from their database.

And replit could notify the person that their user had been reset and assigned to someone else.

I would say it goes to some generic username like accountxxxxx with the x representing numbers.

I think that people that got their username taken away should get another username change.

Is it possible for you to contact Replit staff on my behalf and see if they can lend me the username @god. The last repl was made over 6 years ago.

Unforently I cant. I cant request usernames to be given to people even if they want them.

Can you point me in the direction of someone who can.

Replit staff should get around here in some time (probably within 24 hours) and can grant you the name probably.

Yes, I can wait the 24 hours if necessary; I just want the user @god because it’s cool and it means I won’t be inactive :slight_smile:

No garentee 24 hours. Since people are only just starting to return from their vacations it may take longer well they go through all the topics they were out for.

That dude only has that username for the sake of appearances, as evidenced by his repls “tt checker” bros posting tiktok username checkers.

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And not only that, but they’re all forked…
I wish people that had replit accounts actually coded. I get so many blank python repls in my feed because some people that try to make replit “a social media platform” follow me… I wish they used replit for it’s intended use…