Allow docker in Repls and Deployments

Describe your feature request
I want Docker to be supported in Repls and Deployments.

What problem(s) would this feature solve?
Not being able to host things that officaly require docker like discourse on stable releases.

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request
Somebody installed discourse in a repl (unofficially since they did not use docker) and I want to do that but Im not smart enough to do it and using docker that’s officially supported would be easer.


In order for this to be useful, we’d probably need increased disk limits (without quotas) and cheaper boosts, because even a 2x boosted repl is slow.


You can, there is a tool that runs docker containers without sudo and can be installed via nix…
I actually tried to run discourse using it but it would require fiddling and a email server.


It seems like egress limits would also be an issue for Discourse, as my test forum used 10gb of egress in under 12 hours.


What is it called?

I just want a sandbox instance to mess around in so I wouldn’t have too much traffic. Besides I am currently using 0.3 GiB out of 50 correctly I am not going to worry



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I’d personally love to be able to deploy projects that have a Dockerfile.
When doing local dev I often use Dockerfiles to make the environment completely reproducible. Extending this to Replit deployments would solve a lot of headaches with configuring replit.nix, .replit (for dev) and then the build/run commands.