Allow custom tutorial URLs apart from YouTube, Vimeo, etc in the Tutorial Embed

Describe your feature request
Replit recently patched a bug with the tutorial feature in the IDE. Before, we could embed custom interactive tutorials, which was really cool and helpful. This was done for the Tutorial Jam and it won first place (video here). Now, we can only embed YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia videos.

What problem(s) would this feature solve?
This would allow users to make better tutorials to help people in templates or to make some very cool projects that can be controlled right inside the Replit IDE.

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request
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How I suggest that Replit fixes this

This is just for Replit engineers to know, and it's also very technical so you don't really have to read it.

Instead of restricting the URLs of the tutorial embed to certain websites, you can do like in the WebView and use Cross-Origin iFrames to prevent the tutorial from accessing the Replit website. Therefore, any URL can be safely put into the tutorial iFrame and no harm can be done.

Here’s an example of what could be done:

<!-- This first iFrame is Cross-Origin so the JavaScript in the second iFrame can't access the Replit window -->
<iframe src="">
  <!-- This iFrame has the actual URL of the tutorial video -->
  <iframe src="The tutorial URL"></iframe>

And dont allow JS … We dont need that again

It doesn’t matter if you allow JS, because of the double cross-origin iFrames the JS can’t do anything.

This still works for me after forking. Have I misunderstood your request?

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It works for me as well.

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Ok, I see that the tutorial still works. So what confused me was this misleading message that can be seen when embedding certain URLs:

Since this is not the case, that text should just be changed to something like β€œThe Tutorial URL entered is not allowed for use.”

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Ah I understand. I’ll send a message to Replit engineering to see if the text can be updated!


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