Allow anonymous access to shared (multiplayer) repl

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Same use case. I set up a paid account because I thought I was going to start using multiplayer (shared repl) for interviewing, but hadn’t realized that everybody else in the interviews will also require accounts.


Allowing anonymous editing would be a little unsafe for your Repl, but I suppose Office online and IIRC Google Docs allow this. This could allow users to put malicious code in your Repl, even getting you in trouble with the automated moderation tools for the bad stuff in your Repl.


I think what they want is what /@username/slug?embed=1 used to be like (where the repl is not owned by the user): an editor for a temporary fork of the repl


Firepup found a bug to do that.


That’s a good point about it being unsafe for the repl. Such a feature might come with a safeguard, like an expiring (short term) URL, or the entire repl could be short term. For my purposes, I’d only be sharing the repl with a few people for a couple of hours. I’d expect to start clean next time I wanted to share like this.


I think you could use Replit Teams Pro to do this.

You set up your Team and add the projects. Create usernames for the individuals you are interviewing and share with them. They each have a copy of the same project and can add their work. Each time someone new clicks start project they get a fresh copy. You can drop into these Repls as team owner at any time.

You can find out more here:


without teams pro, the most you can do for now is make your interviewees edit from the spotlight page, using a terminal text editor, like vim (basic usage: i to start editing; esc:wq to save & exit).
For example, for a single-file Rust program, you would click ⋮ > Show hidden files in the sidebar, and add/change the run command in the .replit file:

run = '''while
vim -c 'set mouse=a' src/
cargo run
read -p "Press enter to go back to editing..."

And add pkgs.vim to the deps array of replit.nix.
More on replit.nix here

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