All of my repls have stopped working in the middle of the day today

Problem description

All repls now simply say working until they time out. I use these as a teacher in my lessons. If this has happened to me I am deeply concerned it will happen to my students. I have lost so much stuff. I can’t even start a new repl as that simply says the repl is booting forever. I am very close to leaving with the 500 regular users at my school and never coming back. Seems it was good while it was working but there is little assistance for serious bugs such as none of your programs opening. Seems that makes it inappropriate for use in schools.

Expected behavior

I can open any of my repls

Actual behavior

Previously made repls say working forever and new ones say the repl is booting

Steps to reproduce

go to my account and open anything as nothing works


Chrome and edge


Windows 10

Device if mobile




We have an active incident here for an issue which you may be experiencing today. You are welcome to follow along with the Status Page as we hope to resolve it soon:

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