All my work i done on my repl recently has disappeared this morning


All the work I done on my repl recently (probably since the last two days) is just gone.

I did so much and I’m upset its gone, is it possible for someone to put it back to where I left it yesterday evening?

My repl is currently private.



Also things like files, directories and code is gone, and my repl looks like what it looked around two days ago

Alright after reading some other posts on this forum I saw that I can just add the directory/file again and the code in it is restored, which is true.

Unfortunately any files I uploaded need to be re-uploaded which is bad but I’ll do it.

I used to always commit changes to GitHub and I think I’ll start doing that again just in case something like this happens again.

Obviously there is an issue as there were other posts about this recently so something needs to be fixed.


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