All my repls were deleted, why?

Problem description:
All my always-on repls disapeared.

Expected behavior:
I had 5 always-on repls, since few hours ago, all were deleted from repls.

Actual behavior:
My repls folder was empty and direct link access was 404ing

Steps to reproduce:
You tell me.

Bug appears at this link:
I recreated the repls now


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What kind of repls where they? The only two reasons i could think of are a giant bug or something in those repls violated the TOS and got taken down.

they’ve been running for months, if not years actually, did something change?


What kind of repls where they? If they are not private could you link the recreations?

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they’re private and doing different things. I don’t think they would violate any TOS all of them.
And I would think some kind of automated email would let me know it they were.
Here they straigth up just disappeared like I never had them.

I use them to get some alerts and other.

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Maybe you deleted them by accident, but you don’t remember.

Hey @cezaaa welcome to the forums!

Have you tried restoring them from the clui?