AI quota for Core plan


I bought the Core plan on my phone for 23EUR each month. I understand free plans have limited AI usage, but why the paid plans? Weird thing is I can still ask AI questions on my phone but not on my PC. That is very unhandy since I always code on my PC…


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your phone may be using the Basic AI model. On PC, if you click on the dropdown “✧ Advanced” in the bottom of an “AI” tab, you can switch to the Basic model which is unlimited for Core plan users.

The Basic model is quick to test and works for general tasks, so I don’t predict I’ll have to limit my use of the Advanced model. That being said, I don’t work on large projects.



Thanks for your response. I really can’t find the “✧ Advanced” dropdown at the bottom of the AI tab :frowning:

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found it, thank you :slight_smile:

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