AI Generated Code Stalling

Hey, all.

I’m relatively new to Replit, having only used it for a prior computer science class. As an avid music lover who has trouble coding, I came up with the idea of using AI (i.e. ChatGPT) to create a code that would result in a giant Spotify playlist containing every Billboard Hot 100 chart hit. However, today and earlier yesterday, there have been long periods where my code has stalled interacting with Spotify’s API. To be specific, when I start the thing up, all I get is the first of what is supposed to be a query of 100 songs.

Therefore, my question is what could be causing this problem. Is it my interactions with the Spotify API, or is it something with Replit (i.e. I heard that there was an active incident)? Please let me know what you think, and thank you so much.

Repl link/Link to where the bug appears:
N/A I don’t think

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Console Log Screenshot:

Public link is at