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Can educators control whether AI is turned on for students or not?

Educators need to have control over the AI feature for students. Is this configurable?

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I would also like to know if we can switch off the AI option as it is writing code for students and does not really help them to think about the code.

This is currently not possible, but it’s on the roadmap.
Here is the feature request topic:

And the announcement topic with more details and updates:

Students may individually disable AI autocomplete in the editor by clicking the AI button at the bottom and switching off autocomplete, or by going into settings in the editor and turning off AI code completion.


I was planning on trying out the Test/Assessment features a bit more this year but this oversight means I won’t consider investing time into learning it. Its fine and dandy that I can tell students to disable AI, but that’s honour system and will only negatively affect the weaker students further when they ignore the instruction and slip through the cracks.

With teams being an organization/business feature first and foremost, it seems incredibly odd that you didn’t have an organization-level toggle for this in the first place.

I was excited to see these features added, and think they will be very cool to encourage near the end of the semester in their capstone projects once the students were confident in reading code. Instead I’m wondering if I will need to utilize a different platform for the time being to learn the elementary concepts so they even have a chance to competently utilize and incorporate that AI code…

Hey teachers, I just posted an update here!

Hey all, wanted to give an update here. We are working on adding controls for Team Admins to turn AI functionality on and off for an entire Team for Edu for this in the near term.

Thanks for sharing your feedback about the addition of AI to all Replit accounts. We know major changes like this can be disruptive to you and your students and we should have given you a heads up about this change. We’ll do better.

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