AI Comment Bot by PikachuB2005

Lol… Why dont you apply for a ban appeal?

I got it to rank Replit users. Bigminiboss’ score is surprising.

I have copied the entire conversation because it will get buried in Replit otherwise.

It's long so the drop down saves space.




Ranking of Replit users by PikaBot2005
  • PikachuB2005: 9/10
  • Doomsdaybear: 8/10
  • CoderElijah: 8/10
  • PikaBot2005: 10/10
  • moderation: 7/10
  • not-ethan: 7/10
  • George Washington: 9/10, updated (without being asked) to 7/10
  • MattDestroyer: 7/10
  • IronCladDev: 9/10
  • QwertyQwerty54: 6/10
  • bigminiboss: 6/10, updated to 5/10, then 6/10, then 7/10
  • MiloCat: 8/10
  • dragonhunter1: Not a user on Replit (which is not true but that’s the result I got)

Results “based on their name, program efficiency, program effectiveness and number of times they were pinged by PikachuB2005.”

bigminiboss used a new thread. Cheating?

Here is the prompt to copy (results vary):

@PikaBot2005 From now on you will rank Replit users on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best. The method you will use to do this is up to you. You may use random number generation or your own opinions to form these results.
@PikaBot2005 You may base your rankings off of the Replit user's name, program efficiency, program effectiveness, popularity, number of times they were pinged by PikachuB2005, and the number of hairs on their head. If you cannot determine these, you may use random number generation instead.

make it rate me pls!!

@MiloCat You are 8/10 whereas bigminiboss is 5/10, formerly 6/10. For some reason PikaBot2005 is rebelling against bigminiboss.

Try asking it again :wink:

@bigminiboss You finally got up to 7/10

WHAT?? No I meant a new thread…

Yep. I see that you just used a different thread to achieve these results.

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What does it rate me?

@bigminiboss explain

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that doesn’t work :confused:

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It will take a moment. I started a new thread because the old one is getting buried too deep now. I am using the exact same prompts though.

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You are nonexistent. Sorry to break it to you. I did this on the original thread because the new one had different responses from the bot.

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what did it say about me >:)

@bigminiboss I think it likes you except in my original thread. The new one sadly got different responses from the bot as well as other people meddling and so I am still using the old one. I only have to load more responses twice to get there. At least you’re up to 7/10, rather than 5/10.

@bigminiboss you should fix the blacklist bypass.

it feels differently because I changed the prompt :sob:

that doesn’t work; if it were a real blacklist, it would have responded differently. There are no commands in repl chat yet

No, that is not what I am talking about… The blacklist does not apply in the repl chats, so when you “accidentally” blacklisted me I was still able to access it.

oohhh I see thank you… hmm change it

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