AI Code Completion in Teams for EDU

Hi @LenaAtReplit, are there any updates for the timeline for this feature?


yea this has already been a week (or two)! I already took 4 tests (with 2 upcoming) during this time frame… any progress? Or will it have to wait until the grading semester ends (indicates a long time to wait)?

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It would be useful if we can lock AI to ‘off’ so if we share private repls with students they can’t cheat in assessments.


Well I guess it doesn’t matter anymore anyhow. Great…


LOL such a slap in the face. I will never use replit ever again.


Sad that the “we’ll do better” has turned into “tomorrow your product is no more”. I respect every member of the Replit team I have had the pleasure of communicating with and I know that this was a decision made by others or higher-ups. I’m sorry you will take the vocal flack for it. But we’re heart broken. Gutted. I can’t put into words the amount of time put into assignments, tests, instruction files or tutorials.

This might actually have a real effect on my career moving forward. I think I might be done with education as a whole. It’s just too much. I had the perfect tools to do my job on BYOD computers. Now I won’t.



Same feeling here. I really liked teaching with replit. Now that I’m going to have to migrate everything, I don’t know if that’s worth my time…

I am very sad.


for the people who don’t know about the context, they were referring to this email:

I can’t believe that after promising that they’ll fix something, they end up deleting the whole product itself. such a shame.


Agree @python660 this pivot goes against the mission statement of bringing huge amounts of coders online. How else to do that than through education? It was a great pipeline.

And to do this without any consultation or warning is shockingly poor. I wouldn’t have thought it possible for the same company I promoted and advocated for could act in this manner.

Teachers and students have invested so much time and money in this service. Sorry to say that Replit had a chance to do better, and blew it.


Wait. So, the fix for this issue is to just get rid of all the teachers and not to actually allow a team to disable the AI feature?

We use Replit for interviews, and also wanted to disable the ability to transparently turn on AI assistant. As an interviewer, I’m trying to assess how a candidate solves problems and whether or not they have some core knowledge of the language chosen for the example problem. Sure, people can use AI in their job. And sure, they can just have another LLM running in a separate window. If they tell me that’s what they’re doing, ok, I can also assess how they use that tool as part of a workflow just like if they were using a search engine or reading docs (not exactly, since AI code may not be ideal). But having something automatically pop answers onto the screen actively takes away the candidate’s ability to demonstrate to me what they actually know.

So is this feature actually not being implemented at all?


I don’t think so, and their fix for it is removing teams, and just relying on people to turn it off on their own if they don’t want it, sorry.


I think the workaround would be to have them screenshare showing that AI is off or have them manually disable it themselves