AI Chatbot for Help

Hello guys,

Are we serious? In 2023 we click “help” and we are redirected to the documentation? Why isn’t there an embedded AI bot for that?

My case was simple: I wanted to know how to prevent Replit from showing the “Webview” window after every single click on “Run”.

I don’t know if this possible or not, but surely I’d have enjoyed being able to ask the question to an embedded “help” chatbot rather than having to skim through the docs or call support.

Could be very sticky for the retention of new users.


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Hey @JivanRoquet, welcome to the community!

Under “Tools” in the sidebar you can click :gear: Settings and there is a setting to disable the Webview automatically popping up for every Repl.


Welcome to Ask! An AI chatbot for help could be a useful feature. Replit has an AI helper bot named Ghostwriter, but it is a paid feature and AFAIK meant for code help, not Replit support. However, you get to come to this nice forum and get help not from AI, but from real people with real experience on this platform :slightly_smiling_face:. It could be a handy feature though; I know that a lot of other platforms are implementing similar things.


No — it will be ubiquitous and tools that don’t have it will fall behind.

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Thank you for solving this.


@CoderElijah I was answering what lead OP to making the feature request

I know that you answered their question, but it was also a feature request, so although you solved the problem that led to the feature request, you did not solve the feature request. Thus, it is only half-solved as one of two issues have been fixed.