AI automatically enabled for students in Education Team

I started using Replit last year to introduce Python to my 8th graders. I am also frustrated with the AI-autocomplete that was turned on by default. It would really help if we could disable that for the accounts associated with education teams.

LenaAtReplit has just mentioned that they will be shipping a solution to disable AI teamwide next week or so. Hang tight while the devs do their magic!


Is there an eta for a resolution to this? I’m afraid I’ll have to find an alternative solution to replit. Ai enabled ide is a no go for class assessments

I think it was a week, so expect 1-1.5 weeks at most.

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@python660 @LenaAtReplit is there any update on rolling out the ability to disable AI features from the team level?

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I heard that it would be coming very soon (a few days ago, the ETA was “one week”). But otherwise I have no idea what’s going on.

I’ve been doing some other stuff with my students (eg creating new formulae using Apps Script in Google Sheets) and avoiding replit… but I need to get them back on replit. Any update on a timeline?

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It would be really good to have an update – @LenaAtReplit – anyone?
Realising education is only a bit of what Replit does, but it has been of huge value to date. No need to reiterate how completely counterproductive the no-off-switch approach is… it would be great to get back on track.


sounds interesting btw!

Apologies for the delay, all, we’ve been ironing out some concerns on our end. I’ll have an update for you soon.


Take one of the no-brainer Python tasks they’ve made in replit (in the before AI days), eg unit_ratio(a,b) they have to rewrite it as:

A Sheets formula = B1 / A1
A Named Function (Data > Named Functions, paste)
A JS function (Extensions > Apps Script, function ratio(a, b) { return b / a }
We also did the quadratic formula, and binary shifts (I’m also their maths teacher).

Any idea on when soon is?
Would love to bring my classes back instead of the alternatives.
Thank you!

You’re making the right move keeping your classes away until we can turn it off.

I started a new intro class of high school kids just last week and it really is infuriating how the AI is forcing answers right into their face. It even has learnt from previous assignments so it autocompletes the entire assignment for them (they’re learning basic if statements here).

I thought I’d try to talk about it as a tool, when and why it could or could not be used, that they have closed book tests on the content coming up, etc. But let’s be honest it’s high school. Easily 1/2 of the class turn it on in secret because they know it will do the assignment for them.

It truly makes Replit unusable for complete beginners if the goal is to learn and understand and not just “get it done”.

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Well, I guess you complain too much and you pay the price. Adios Teams for Edu.

I’ve been waiting for an Email from Replit since this thread started, but this wasn’t the one I expected.

Shame this is the way they decided to approach this issue

So sad… In lieu of making a small change to accommodate educators, the choice is made to abandon them. Truly disappointing.


We should have always been paying customers. This ecosystem economy clearly isn’t sustainable in the education space.

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Truly sad… Instead of supporting educators in teaching the next generation how to be programmers, I guess Replit would rather focus on crummy AI code…

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I don’t completely disagree with your statement, maintaining a free product (especially in education) is pretty expensive. But, think of the number of potential new paying customers that are not going to get exposed to this platform now.

As a teacher, I have roughly 40-50 new students each year. That’s 40-50 potential paying customers that would not have been exposed to the platform if not for me using it in the classroom. Multiply that by the number of teachers that will now abandon Teams for Edu, and that’s quite a few potential customers that will probably never know about Replit…

Imagine if they made it something super cheap like $50/team/year? How many teams would that be multiplied by $50? Heck, I’d pay out of pocket for that.