AI automatically enabled for students in Education Team

Problem description:
With the new rollout of AI for all in Replit, this means that students in the Education Team also have automatic access to AI enabled programming in their assignments. I know that students can disable AI at an individual level, but there is no ability to disable AI at the Education Team level.

Expected vs Current Behavior:
Expected behavior - ability to disable AI at the Education Team level.
Current Behavior- no ability to disable AI at the Education Team level.

Steps to reproduce:
Create an assignment in an Education Team and try to complete the assignment as a student. AI is enabled by default without the ability to disable from the Education Team level.

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Agree fully. The ability to not stop this basically eliminates using for any serious education efforts, especially in K-12 education. Little by little, is forcing me to consider other online platforms.


More to the point, I would not only have to not consider Replit for eductional purposes, but I would have to block the website in my classroom in case students use it.


Agreed. There needs to be an option to disable the AI on a global level for any Repls created as a part of an Edu team.


I 100% agree. Sigh. I liked Replit better when it was a paid subscription and I felt I had more control/say so. What other online platforms have you used before?


I agree. Our teachers for introductory cs courses are concerned about the level of AI that is being implemented. We are seriously considering looking for other options if the AI is enabled by default. The AI is no teaching, it’s just autocompleting.


Throwing my vote in the ring - I tested today’s task as a student and all my students are going to have to do is hit TAB on their keyboard and submit. Zero learning / struggling. I then checked for my grade 12’s and a simple Ghostwrite prompt gets them the 3 objects they were asked to create along with inheritance and everything.

So that also begs the question - do we bother teacher anymore? (I’m joking)

But seriously - please turn off the AI coding for EDU accounts.


I agree as well. I’ll have to look for another option if Replit won’t let me disable AI for my students. Replit has been such a great teaching tool, but this puts a serious dent in its utility for teaching programming to novices, who need to figure things out for themselves.


I have pinged Replit staff for this. Thanks for the report everybody


I would echo the above concerns as I am experiencing this with my students. I think it would be great to disable this feature for Teams for EDU.

However, I did have a thought in how to vet whether or not a student did the assignment. The history for each project shows every keystroke. If a student uses the AI functionality, it pastes all the code in as a single key stroke. It is a terrible way to have to go about things, checking the history on every assignment, but it does work. I use this process on assignments to ensure students haven’t copied and pasted code from another student or ChatGPT.

Just wanted to provide an interim solution for other folks until can get their ducks in a row to better support the education side of things. As of late, there have been many reasons to start looking for another platform for K-12. Does anyone have any recommendations?


This just happened to me in my class. It filled in the entire method for them.
0 learning.


100% agree with removing this.

We’re learning while loops for example. As I’m asking a student what they think their conditions should be, then the answer just appears for them by the AI. No thinking or learning involved. It’s such a setback in terms of early education.

The changes over this last year really have me considering moving to another platform. Which kills me because replit has been such a great tool for years…


I want to echo this. This makes it completely incompatible for education purposes. Such a disappointment.


This is a dealbreaker, replit. You have to get rid of this now. This is disabling our ability to teach. Give us the ability to turn it off for our Education Teams. The cat’s already out of the bag and some students will be able to use this to avoid learning already, but by disabling it you could certainly limit the damage.


What other platforms are you considering?

Hopefully none. I truly hope that replit fixes this quickly and allows us to turn it off.

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Github has a good Education setup, it just has a large learning curve.

Hi there,
Thanks - based on the use of AI with replit education, we are examining going to back to local applications and other web tools including github education.


While I was teaching my course, some students showed how to use ghostwriter to access the solution I have written word by word. The AI correctly identify that the code I wrote in the solution is what the student need at that moment. Technically they simply have to start writing and the AI will show the solution.

The fact that ghostwriter can give a solution to any basic programming question makes Replit completely unusable as a teaching tool. At least at the high school level.

Sadly Replit used to be very useful as a teaching tool. With these new capabilities, I have to look for another tool.


Is there any update from Replit about this issue? @not-ethan