After using the clear function of replit the clear function is deleting half the logo

Problem description

when i try to use the clear function in my code it deletes the logo half only, it is happening only on my browser replit. i have tried it many time but it is the same and i don’t the code is wrong.

Expected behavior

the clear function should clear the previous outputs

Actual behavior

clearing the outputs but clearing the logo half.

Steps to reproduce

from replit import clear
print(logo)#take a ascii art
take inputs in while loop after every answer clear to take answers in fresh.





Device if mobile



free tier

If I’m understanding you correctly, (and my apologies if I’m not,) you’re saying by using clear() in your code you want to clear previous runs that are appearing in the console, but instead, it’s only clearing the current run?

Using clear() or os.system(“clear”) will only clear the current run.

From the repl you forked from it says specifically #HINT: You can call clear() to clear the output in the console. which in context just means that it will clear the current run, not the previous outputs.

To clear the previous runs, the easiest way is to click the waste bin icon in the console tab.

Or under user settings you can assign a keyboard shortcut to clear the console history.

Q. Why does os.system(“clear”) only clear the current run in the console and not previous runs?

A. ChatGPT
When you use os.system("clear") in Python, it executes the “clear” command in the system’s shell (like Bash on Unix-like systems). This command clears the contents of the terminal screen, giving you a clean slate to work with.

However, it only affects the current terminal session. Once your Python script finishes executing, the terminal will revert to its previous state, including any output from previous runs. The reason why it doesn’t clear previous runs is that each run of your Python script is essentially a separate process with its own input/output streams. When the script terminates, any changes made to the terminal during that particular run are lost.

If you want to clear previous outputs as well, you would need to implement a more sophisticated solution, such as using a library like curses in Python or utilizing terminal escape sequences to manipulate the terminal screen directly. These methods allow you to control the terminal’s display in a more fine-grained manner, including clearing previous output if desired.

(I wasn’t able to get the terminal escape sequence or curses examples it gave me to achieve the desired results)

I also sometimes (2 or 3 times,) would clear it but then it would remain like this with the top of the logo remaining, (this image is manipulated to appear how it looked to me, though I could not recreate it normally for a screenshot.)

I’m not sure what’s causing this it seems to be an intermittent error when using clear() or os.system(“clear”)

If you meant something else could you please elaborate on what exactly is happening and what you want to achieve? Providing a screenshot of what is happening may help clear up some confusion.


You may have misunderstood this bit. The Console used to clear everthing in the Console, when there were no history of runs. Then the change was made and you have to clear it the way you do it now, along with the run history added. Some users are still used to the old format, and don’t know why it was changed.


Hi @atekochatterjee !
Does this bug occur on mobile or laptop? You said your OS is Windows but your device is Android?

Ah right I think I vaguely remember now. It used to be whenever you would run it would automatically clear the previous run? or at least appear that way. I’m not sure what exactly it did. And now it shows the previous runs.

So before the change, clear would clear everything in the console, because there was only that one run.

Now with the past runs, it just clears the current one.

Am I understanding correctly? And thank you.