After i changed my account from asia to usa, all my repl files gone what do i do

I tried to see the history button but it wasnt there. I tried to add another file with same name and then use history for the file but didnt work either. Can someone helps?

It may be deleted, so go to CLI and search your trash.

its just a saved instead of history

So there is nothing in History?
Is the code still there?

it said that i have no deleted repl

File history is at the bottom of files, not at the top of the UI. Try opening the file you need to restore, and click History or File History at the bottom of the file.

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no, all the files that i was open still there but the actual files is gone.

the files is all deleted

Ah. That’s easier to fix then. Recreate files with the same names as the missing ones.

He said it doesn’t work either.

Looking at his UI, it doesn’t appear the files are there. I believe he tried something slightly different.

no history when i try to created it and then go to history

Is that the same name as a file that was deleted? Try making a “contextmenu.js” file.

Edit: Reviewing the screenshot, you need to make a commands folder, then make a contextmenu.js file there.

this happend

Huh. Try closing and reopening that file.

ty but what happend to the files that t tried and it didnt work? like the undeploy.js one

I’m not sure why it would work for one and not the rest. Best I can say is remake the rest of the files the way you did contextmenu.js, and see which ones don’t fix.

all of the files that i have it open works but not the one that i didnt open in the tabs

I don’t know what to do about that, sorry. Perhaps a staff member can help when they have a chance.

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Ty for your helps. Have a nice day <3

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