After deploying the python code am getting - "'NoneType' object does not support item assignment" as error


Can someone help me. I have telegram chat bot which has been working fine for last 1 year with ‘Always On’ feature enabled. Now, from yesterday since the ‘Always On’ feature is scrapped, I just clicked on Deploy → Selected Reserved VM → Background Worker → Deployment was successful. But now am getting the below error “‘NoneType’ object does not support item assignment” . My code is working fine if we run the process from replit IDE. Please help me on the resolving this issue ASAP.

Hi @Monish0612 !
If your repl is a bot, deploy it as a Reserved VM and not Static as Static is for websites. Choose Background worker in the Reserved VM.
Hope this helps!

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Sorry typo, it is reserved VM with 2gb Ram plan. Yes I have set as background worker. Am getting the same error.

Could you share the link to your repl?
Did you change any code to cause the error?

This is my repl link -

No I didn’t make any changes

Hi @Monish0612 !
It appears that your repl is private. Could you make it public and store sensitive info in Secrets or censor it?

Yes I have done. Removed credentials and other sensitive information’s.

Any update on this issue?

Hi @Monish0612 !
Which line does the error appear on? I can’t run it as there are Secrets that affect the flow of running.

The full error would be helpful too, instead of just the line number.

It was mentioned in the title, no?

I’m talking about the full error, including the traceback.