Advanced AI With Pro Replit


When I hover over the “Advanced AI” tab in the console it says 77% left? I paid for the pro membership does the 77% left mean even though I paid the AI Advanced will run out?

Hi @moran024 , welcome to the forums!
I believe it’s the Basic AI that is unlimited, and the Advanced AI is only available to Pro users, but may be limited.
Hope this helps!

Hey @moran024 welcome to the forums!

That percentage is what you have left for the week same goes for the Basic AI (Advanced just gives you more features I believe it doesn’t give more uses, someone can correct me if I am wrong), as it resets every week. The staff said they will tweak the amounts based on how much it is used or unused.

So this message is not telling the truth:

@KAlexK According to OP that is correct, it makes sense though. If enough people use it even if they are paying for it could take up a lot of Replit’s resources, so they might have capped it for both to prevent this. This might be changed in the future, but I don’t know.