Admin badge doesn't show span when toggled in mini profile view

Problem description:
Hey people,

just wanted to report this bug! So in the Replit feed you will be able to see alert for some of the things that a user may do :

  • Comment
  • Publish
  • Like

And you will be able to see a comment saying @x has commented in x repl, and let’s imagine that @x is a user with the admin badge, if I toggle on the admin badge, what I’m supposed to see is the span from the badge, but I don’t see the span. I am able to see the spam of other badges like content creator and moderator and others, but I can’t see the span for the admin badge.

Expected behavior:

What you expect is to click on the profile in mini view of an admin account and toggle on the admin badge, and when you toggle, you will be able to see the span of the admin badge, which you can see on the profile in big view!

Actual behavior:
What actually happens is that when you open the mini view of the admin profile, and toggle on the badge, you just see a span saying admin, instead of showing the admin span.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to your repl feed
  2. Find an admin account username and hover your mouse in it’s username
  3. Hover on the admin badge

Bug appears at this link:
You can also see this inside a repl, in the username of the repl owner, an example repl would be this repl from Colton :

Chrome/Chrome OS/Chromebook

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