Adjust Bounty Price Amount to Accurately Demonstrate Value

While browsing the bounty marketplace, it shows the amount of cycles you would get for completing the bounty, along with the equivalent cash amount. However, we all know that there’s a 25% cut when converting cycles to dollars. I feel that the price on the bounty (which everyone sees, in bold) is misleading. Take a difficult bounty that is labeled for $100 on completion. If you think it’s a difficult task for just $100, in reality it’s worse—you’re only getting $75 in the end. I believe making the bounty cash description accurate and not misleading would be a good improvement, showing the actual money you would get out of the bounty. What are you all’s thoughts?


Good idea, but it also makes it slightly misleading if you don’t plan to cash out your cycles. Maybe when hovering over the monetary value it can show you what it would be if you were to cash out.

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