Adding Website to Googles Index

I’ve built a website and I want people to find it easily on Google. Right now, you can find it but it takes you to the Repl page with a ‘Run’ button. I want my actual website URL to show up in Google searches. Any suggestions on how to do this?


Have you bought a domain for your site?

No. I just want the one.

You cannot alter the SEO Optimization settings of a domain. You will need a domain to do this.


Are there any websites that allow me to get a quick and free Domain?

Technically. The most widely used free domain provider is Freenom, but they just got sued by Meta and have a high probability of shutting down anytime soon. If you know where to look, you can find a domain for under twenty dollars. I can help with that if needed.

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Well I am not willing to pay right now but do you think Google Domains is a good provider? I highly doubt they will go down anytime soon.

There is literally no chance any big provider such as Google Domains, GoDaddy or NameCheap will be going out of business anytime soon. I use GoDaddy because Google Domains doesn’t have as wide a selection, and even sometimes is more expensive. GoDaddy is also really easy to use, in my experience.
NameCheap can be a good choice to, depending on the domain.

EDIT: I just checked and on GoDaddy, you can buy for $21.99 a year.

Ok thanks. I was just searching and I saw that GoDaddy has free domains. Is that true?

No. GoDaddy does not offer free domains, but they have deals that can get you very low prices.

For example, with this deal, if you buy this domain and set the time for 2 years, instead of paying $43.98 dollars, you pay $22.00.

@HexHands Feel free to ask away if you need any more assistance. Otherwise, have a good day!

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This weirdly seems to not be the case (or maybe that’s just for bing):

I think your repl just needs to be more popular or something (not flexing :sunglasses:)

edit: yes it seems to be a google thing, only bing indexes it

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A good place to get a free subdomain is Freedns.

Oh I think I figured out how to get it indexed. Sadly it says therickroll but other than that it works. Search up craftyalter on google.

Adding to search console worked for me.

For some reason it also shows as, which is probably because of this repl:

I have no idea why google does this

How did you do that?

I just used Google Search console.

@RedCoder how do you alter the SEO OP if you are using domain?

@HexHands @doxr I want to make something clear — SEO requires you to have control over the DNS records of your domain. You must have bought (or used a free domain provider) and have access to view and update the domain’s DNS records.

@DigitalKandra I am 90% sure that you do not have access to the DNS records of your domain, therefore resulting in you having very limited control over you SEO settings.

You can, however, somewhat force bots to index your site via meta tags, but still, you have limited control over this.

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Google has an option where you can input a html file and they verify it as your own website without any DNS record. That is how I got CraftyAlter up on Google.

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@HexHands This is true, though it still is better (if possible) to use DNS records to do this.