Adding RenPy Language

I think the RenPy Language should be added so we can create better games in replit, and edit rpy files in replit.

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Very cool idea. I’m sure there’s a github repo for it we can port to Replit using nix or smth :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:

Sounds epic I hope we get

Currently making a Ren’Py template. Will share when I’m done.

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I keep getting this no matter what I try, and it seems like an error either in the game I’m testing with or with the Ren’Py lib itself.

Exception: compat has already been provided by another layout function.

I’ve tried with two different games but it’s always the same error. Any ideas?

Ok, it seems like it was a problem with the games and also with how I was running them. But now there’s syntax errors in the actual files of the games. And the games have to be approved before they are uploaded to the website, so they definitely work. I really don’t understand.

Ok. I found a old documentation for old Ren’Py releases. It may be the best we got, as it is a completely different type of build, and the code for it, and versions 2 and 3, are completely different than modern day Ren’Py. It requires PyGame and NumPy. here is the documentation.
Ren’Py @ 5: Version 1
It is not necessarily a reliable piece of info, but it may help us get Ren’Py onto Replit!

Wanna go further?

On another Ren’Py note, heres a newer, still older than 2010 and in no way up-to-date abandoned documentary. It serves as a piece of history and might have version 2 and 3 of Ren’Py.
You can find it here.

Hope this helps!


Is renpy a lang or engine?

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engine iirc from my googling

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