Adding kill=1 to a .replit onboot bricks repls

Problem description:
In .replit, setting onboot = “kill 1” bricks the repl

Expected behavior:
Onboot in a .replit like this should not allow this.

Actual behavior:
Bricked repl (i.e. Repl tries to boot and hangs), this is probably due to the kill 1 resetting the repl, then it tries to boot, kill 1… I discovered this by accident and my repl is bricked.

Steps to reproduce:
Go to your .replit file
add onboot="kill 1" to this file
run the repl

Bug appears at this link:

All devices that support a .replit file.

Hey @AWesomeCoder177!

We are aware of this issue and have an open ticket for it. In the future, we recommend only modifying the .replit file if you understand exactly what you are doing. We also recommend referring to these docs for how to use the .replit file:

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We have sent out a change that prevents “kill 1” from being set in the onBoot command

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