Adding Ghostwriter as a collaborator

Hi everyone,

Ghostwriter tells me that it can only analyze the code in my Replit and provide contextual support if I add it as a collaborator, but its information seems highly outdated, or it doesn’t know how the site’s GUI works. Among the issues:

  • It has asked me to ‘share’ or ‘invite’ me into the project using its username (It gave me an @ and replit-ghostwriter.assistant, but both usernames return as invalid)
  • It has asked me for the Replit join link and then totally forgets what it was doing 2 messages later and insists it cannot view my project.
  • It asks me to head into my settings in the left-hand pane and scroll down to the ‘Collaborators’ section and add it there.

How can I add it as a collaborator in my project so it can help me, and why is it so difficult?

are you using ghostwriter or ghostwriter chat?

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Don’t listen to what Ghostwriter is saying there, it’s hallucinating.

If you buy the Pro plan or Ghostwriter with cycles and have it enabled in your settings, it should be able to autocomplete your code.


I’m using Ghostwriter chat. It has been really helpful in giving me step-by-steps in implementing some functions… when it works, hah. Every two hours or so I have to have a 10 minute argument with it about why it should be able to see the contents of my files.

I do have pro. Just frustrated that Ghostwriter chat loses access to the contents of my files every twoish hours and I have to argue with it to let me grant it access to the project again.

That is a bug, then. I’ve let some staff members know about this issue.

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Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

Passing your entire codebase to Ghostwriter will cause it to break. The way we do it is pass the code from recently-edited files to Ghostwriter Chat.

The situation you’re experiencing most likely is caused by context overflow. If you visit fifteen files over the course of an hour and Ghostwriter has reached its context limit, the first two or so files of the fifteen will be erased from its memory.

This can be fixed by navigating and coding in a file again before asking Ghostwriter something.


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