Adding a python file to another file in replit in the same directory

Hi replit community,
Please help. I have two files Goldbach’s other conjecture problem 46 and in the same folder Project Euler. I want to import PEfunctions to Goldbach’s other conjecture problem 46. I am having troubles.

I’m getting this error.
Thank you,

Hey @ecAdda welcome to the forums.

I am not sure since I can’t test it now but you may need to install the package. Click the cube icon on the side bar and install it from there.

Hi Ethan,
Thank you for your response. I am still learning what package should I install?
Thank you,

@ecAdda doing some research now on my counter and I cant seem the find the template. Can we have a link to it?

Upload the file to your repl, so it stays along with the file.