Adding a private replit to a community to allow collaboration

Ive been bashing away, upgrading my coding knowledge from the old days of assembler cobol, fortran and C, with just the beginings of c++ (yea im that old) the OpenAI thing was just enough to nudge me back into the coding world, after leaving it for 20 years to go make the big bucks as a Millwright.

back in the day EVERYTHING was about saving space, none of this abstraction stuff, so Python is rater… wierd to me right now though i am adapting (thanks Ghostwriter) gone are the days of Pragma in the code to save 4 opcodes from how the compiler would generate the code. You kids and your unlimited resources have no idea how hard it was :rofl:

anyway, im rambling, (like an old man) I need to add some people to my “team” that have other areas of expertise for what will eventually be an open project but for now we want to keep it private. Ive created an Ai4Ability community, we are working on disability aids using AI, but i need to add the private Replit’s ive already created to the community (still private but allowing them to collaborate).

how the hecken do i do that? ELI5



you can probably just invite them:

now they have access and it’s still private to everyone elese


Yea, i think you were right, i was hoping to create a collection of private replits for a disability assistance AI project, but it looks like i would have to pay for a “pro team” to do that and still keep the replits private.

I wish replit would add a charity level teams where people can volunteer time for project that are for the public good and eventually will go public, but are not ready for release into the wild. Owing to the very personal nature of coding for AI disability aids, its important to keep it under wraps until its fully tested because an untested app could cause more harm than good.

i’ll resort to adding a bunch of people to my private replet’s for now. kinda clunky though for big projects.


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yeah kinda annoying of replit sadly :frowning:

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