Add Webview to any replit

I can use webview in the HTML replit, but in other replits this tool is missing. How can I add it? (I want it on ruby, to use Jekyll)

As soon as you start a website in that repl on this will become available, if you haven’t made a webserver yet, it will only become available once you run it.


Yes. Once you run a Repl that generates a website, the webview should appear. This is the case with Repls made using JavaScript with HTML (as opposed to HTML with JavaScript), and with Python FLask Repls.

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Do you mean Node.js?

Actually, anything that opens a socket on will work, so any language that works on replit can be hosted with webview


IDK what I mean but I used a template and that’s how works. It is run by a JS file and that JS file uses HTML files which use a different JS file for normal stuff. IDK what it is but it works really well.

That is nodejs

That is normal, web-based js