Add settings option to turn off Replit's custom right-click context menu

Problem description:

Some people prefer having the native context menu when using replit, especially on mobile.

Please add an option to disable Replit’s custom right-click/text selection context menu in the editor.



Replit expects users to use the mobile app, not the website, so a root issue here is that users find the app to be slower, right? Fixing that would fix more problems, but for this issue specifically, it’d probably be a quicker fix to have the website disable/change the right-click menu if it’s detected that the user isn’t on a device with a physical keyboard.


Replit should just disable the actions context menu on the mobile version of the website.

Mobile browsers have a “Desktop mode” in case users would want to use an Android tablet or an Ipad with a keyboard and mouse.


Even on the keyboard, this can get annoying. especially if a user is not familiar with keyboard shortcuts.