Add padding the the navbar links

Problem description:
The navbar looks ugly without proper padding. Please fix it
Or give the option to choose the space it occupies

Previously it looked even bigger than this

There is plenty of padding between the text IMO.

It just looks squished and bad

I believe that this was a deliberate change by the Replit design team, so it’s unlikely that they’ll change it back. However, you could create a custom extension for your browser to add more padding.

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extension? how? explain :smiley:

You could make an Arc boost, Chromium or FireFox extension to change it. Alternatively, you could use Stylus which is an extension available for Chromium, FireFox and Opera that allows you to write your own CSS to be injected into websites.

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How would you make the extension?

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Just use Stylus instead, very easy to use :smiley:

Mozilla have good extension docs for Firefox and Google has Chrome extension docs as well.

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nah, I’ll go the hard way and make a extension :smiley: