Add Multiplayer Repls to Recently Opened Repls

Describe your feature request

When opening the Replit home page, there are a few repls that you have opened recently. However, these are not multiplayer repls (created by other replers). It would be very helpful if it included repls from teams and shared repls.

What problem(s) would this feature solve?
Having to search for the repl in the search bar or your repl list. (You might not remember the name of it)

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request

Find a repl where I’m collaborating with another user.

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This should be a setting though because many times I get invited to Repls from friends that tell me to help them code something or whatever so if this wasn’t a setting I wouldn’t be able to see my own actually important Repls on there.


In that case, I propose adding another row for pinned repls.
There can be two rows. One for recently opened, and one for pinned.

Pinned repls can be pinned from the spotlight page, or inside the repl per user.

Additionally, I think that it shouldn’t be limited to three repls, but it should use the space that it has.

Here’s an example that I made with dev tools:

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Pretty sure you can still star repls

Personally, I never visit the repls section. I always use the search bar or home page. Maybe pinned repls can be starred repls and can appear in that bar then as a horizontal list that you can scroll through?

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