Add move to folder menu option in details sheet

When editing a repl there’s a ‘details’ sheet you can open up that shows things like “publish” , “cover page” etc. In the three dots menu on the right please add “move to folder”

Many times it’s difficult to find where a repl is located in your list of repls, and so it’s hard to find the right listing that gives you the choice to move it to a folder. This way if you can at least open the repl to edit, you can move it to a location you want.

I am organizing my repls and for some reason I could not find which folder I had placed a repl and I wanted to move it to a current projects folder. I had to go through each folder to eventually find it, even though I could open it for editing. If you added the ‘move to folder’ option into the three dots menu in the main details sheet, then folks could move repls around more easily.