Add more inputs into the sign up page

Hey people,

I’ve had an idea, why not add more inputs to the sign up page? Users will be able to customize their profile right there, some of the inputs I was thinking that could be added could be :

· Replit Username
· Location
· Bio

Personally I think this would be great, the profiles would be more stylish!

Oops, wrong cat, thanks for changing it @not-ethan!

Good idea but 2 things. I dont think this is possible since those fields are built into discourse so we cant modify unlike the Replit username where its a custom field so we can modify it. And with the bio there are some restrictions (forgetting what they are) on what can go in a bio if the user is TL0 witch everyone is when they first join.

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Yeah, I understand bio restrictions, so maybe get that off. But you can actually add fields, this was mentioned on meta (discourse):

It’s all well explained and a lot of things can be added, I think that you can also add Oauth’s from google, facebook…

Yea that’s how we made the Replit username. I have read that thoroughly many times for this bug report. But if we make a location field it would not be the same as the default one possibly causing problems

Thats something else. Im forgetting how to do it.