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With the recent games started by me, @NataliaKazakiev, and @DefendyPug, it would be a nice addition to have a Games category, probably best suited as a subcategory of general. This would make it easy for users that don’t have much else to do to find games to participate in, especially because games are flushed out by other topics in the latest, where most users are looking for topics to add to.


I think it should be a tag instead and you should use it in the #general:showcase category.

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Sorry, my bad. That’s what I meant by subcategory. I would consider showcase to be showing off your Repls or programs to the community rather than playing a game though, especially considering that as more people see and participate in games, they will likely want to make their own, growing the need for a games tag.


Oh, I misunderstood. Thought you meant showing off games that are Repls. I agree it should be a subcategory, then.

Completely agree.

@not-ethan what d’you reckon? (oh gosh I sound British/Australian, side effect of reading HP)


IMO no since I dont see it being too active. I made a #game tag for #general though

Are you Matt?


That’s probably the best solution for the time being. Thanks!


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