Add features to docs instead of (only) announcing in videos

Saw a video about the new .tutorial folder and video.json file, and wondered “how does that work”

After about 20 minutes(!!!) of digging here, through the docs, and through a bunch of bad google results, I found, which is (afaict) the most complete documentation of the feature (included at the end for the benefit of anyone else searching)

Can you update the docs when you release features? Videos are fun for some people, but text is still a lot nicer for search, navigation, and clarity. The newsletter archive is not where I expect to go to find out how a feature works!

The feature looks pretty cool, but my first interaction with it has been a super frustrating hunt for information, instead of just finding the explanation and being able to start trying it out.

Documentation is part of delivery.

:previous_track_button: Inside any repl, create a folder called .tutorial.
:previous_track_button: Within this folder, create markdown files. They will automatically sort alphabetically (so add numbers to sort the order).
:previous_track_button: The level one heading will be the title that appears in the table of contents and the progress indicator.
:previous_track_button: Add a file called video.json within the tutorial folder.
:previous_track_button: Embed a video with { "embedUrl": ""}. The embed link needs to be a YouTube video.
:previous_track_button: Reload the repl.|

There is already documentation here:

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Ah, didn’t have that site on my list of docs sites for replit, thanks for the link!

For replit staff - it’d be helpful to link to that site from the main docs site, or to migrate this material into the canonical documentatation.

Hi @robcobb I’ve checked and it’s currently in the queue to be included in the next update of the docs site. Thank you for raising this!

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