Add Error trace to clipboard

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Sometimes you may need to review your trace back and as such it would be useful to get your stacktrace saved so that you can share the stack trace with another or find and fix each issue

I was attempting to resolve a few problems with my code and was planning on saving them to learn about each error and ways to fix them but was unable to get them

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Hi @MinerMinerMods , welcome to the forums!
You can copy and paste the error. Highlight the text, then press CTRL+C.

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That does not work, it’ll send a KeyboardInterrupt to the console. Highlighting and Right Clicking (then Copy from the menu) always works for me.


Ah yes, sorry. I was going to edit that.


Neither of them work for me.

(I’m using Google Chrome, Windows10)

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Are you selecting Copy from the drop down menu?


you can also select text in the console while holding Ctrl for a rectangular selection.

If we can find a way to get the xterm.js Terminal instance for the Console and listen to Terminal.onData the feature could probably be implemented with a bookmarklet