Add cache to Replit's DB (Python)

Usually operations (such as getting and setting values) to the replit database are simply HTTP requests wrapped by the official replit package. However, this can be made faster through a regular dictionary in memory that caches the database, so requests don’t need to be sent to Replit’s servers for read operations.

To use this package, follow the instructions on the PyPI link.

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Anyone wondering, I misread and thought they were asking for the feature not showcasing XD I need to read better

Are you actually caching or simply adding a memory full copy in front and using the database as a back-up? And if you a caching what strategy are you using for selecting what part of the database to keep locally ?

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I tried copying the behaviour of the JS project as much as possible, so yes it’s just front-loading a database. I didn’t know what to call it so I just used the terms that the node.js library author used.

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Just curious. That’s all.

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