Add a topic template to #feature-requests

Hey people,

Saw that there’s a new cat called #feature-requests! Also #bug-reports and that is where my idea is coming from. Why not add a pre-text when someone creates a topic on #feature-requests, just like on #bug-reports. My pre-text idea is :

**About your feature request**

**Why would this be helpful?**

**To who would this be helpful?**

What do we think about this?




I love the idea. I would add another field about if this solves a problem people face

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Hey @not-ethan and @IanAtReplit, I’'ve posted a topic on a feature request, I’ve done some texts on bold, could those be added as a pretext when a topic is created in #feature-requests, just as in #bug-reports!

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I would but only admins could manage categories.

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Understood, hope and admin can approve it!

Thanks for this @hugoondev I agree it is a great idea. I’ll take a look at implementing it tonight and ping you when we’ve got a draft version!

Thank you so much Ian!

I’ve changed the template text slightly. Let me know if this captures everything you wanted to know:

Describe your feature request

Tell us why would this be helpful

Describe the user group to whom would this be helpful

Describe any related issues / limitations that would be solved by having this feature


It’s perfect, thank you so much Ian!

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