Add a Topic bump button

I personally think having a Topic Bump button would help keep unsolved topics alive to be seen first, and would help with reviving a topic without a message/reply.

If not; then issues and certain topic categories should sort oldest unsolved to newest.

this is something to ask on Meta


We will not be enabling to is feature if it’s a setting as it can easily be abused. And you can sort by unsolved and stuff. I will figure it out later if you want me to



Having topics that aren’t solved shown first will help many topics get more exposure and a higher chance of being solved instead of being shunned away by the latest issues.

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Is there an alternative then? Because I have a bug report over a month old and havent gotten it solved yet.

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This is the closest I can get

It’s unsolved topics in Replit Help. But it’s sorted newest to oldest since to my knowledge you can’t get it the other way around


If only there was a sort by oldest filter that is easy to find!

Thanks anyway!


We actually have something like that on AMC! :slight_smile:


Those shots are still by most recent, and you can’t reverse them. But it can highlight the lost topics I suppose.


Well we can just make a button that goes to

True, didn’t realize that would work.

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Although, that doesnt necessarily mean it will weed out lost topics, its just old ones.

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What if we changed the url to

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…I don’t know why you’d ask that instead of just trying it yourself, but, yeah, works fine

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After doing a bit of looking, it seems is the best option.

But it is a shame that categories like code-help and stuff don’t default to this order and sort reply-less/unsolved to solved.


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