Activate plans with Cycles

All the powerups available are pruchasable via cycles, so why not make the hacker plan purchasable through cycles too? I’ve earned 8000+ cycles from completing bounties and from tips. That’s equivalent to 80+ USD. That could get a year worth of hacker plan, and I’d consider it… if I could buy it with cycles… Right now, the minimum to cash out is 35,000 cycles (which I don’t have a problem with, maybe it could be lower, but I don’t think it’s the biggest issue if you actively complete bounties) and to get a hacker plan with them right now, I’d have to cash them out, then buy the hacker plan with the money once that entire process is finished. I think it would just make sense to be able to purchase the hacker plan with cycles, it would fit with the ‘theme’ of the Replit currency being used for powerups and it would make the process just that much easier.

Edit: the new Pro plan has been released and obviously I think that should also be purchasable with cycles.