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I have problem with my replit account i have hacker plan but i can boost projects & Always on

Hey @DEVSMSM! Welcome to the community!

If you have the hacker plan, you can only have one Always On Repl and one Boosted Repl.

you mean i don’t have 5 boosts and 5 always on like old times

you mean 5 changed to 1

Yes, you can only get one now unfortently.

Yes, this is because they are now focused on bringing more reliable quality performance and computer power to your Repl than having slightly worse and less reliable performance and computer power.

You can read more about it here:

oh thanks men but i think my account has other issues like in shell i can’t install package when i install its freezing

yes and other issues like i can’t import project from github

that’s probably to do with replit being slow or internet connection…

are you sure because in other my replit accounts has no problem

You can check if there is any firewall blocking you from importing or installing files into Replit.

I have anti ad protection enabled

The ad blocker could be blocking Javascript files from loading, which companies use to load their ads.

You can try turning it off, or try to contact support at or create a ticket at if that doesn’t work for you.

i turned off the antiad protection i still can’t install package but on my other accounts has no problem

its just command line freez when i install packages

Then try contacting support:


ok thanks for helping

Could you mark the answer which gave you the most help as a solution so that we can close this topic? Thanks!

i didn’t get any help but its ok men

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